Why Custom Software
Custom Software To Fit Your Business, Rather Than Fitting Your Business To Software

Your business is successful because of the way that you are running it. By using "off-the-shelf" software, you can lose that advantage and can become similar to your competitors. Custom software enables you to keep your competitive edge and expand on it.

Benefits Of Custom Software

Easy to Learn
Custom software matches the way you do business, so workers and business partners learn custom software fast. Maximum productivity in the shortest time with minimum training costs

Efficient to Use
Custom software provides features and functions that match the way you do business, with no unnecessary features that distract or slow down workers or business partners. Maximize productivity and minimize support costs

Easy to Upgrade as Your Business Grows
Pay only for new features that boost your business productivity. Take your ideas for new features, then upgrade in steps when you have the time and budget for deploying new features

Simple, but Generous Licensing Terms
Our custom software license allows unlimited numbers of employees or business partners to access the software running on a single server. You don't get hit with complicated licensing schemes and escalating licensing costs from off-the-shelf packages from vendors that view you as a pay cheque

Customized Software Support and Maintenance
We customize Software Support and Maintenance Agreements based on software complexity, the number of users and your in-house expertise. Pay for just the right support and maintenance level to keep your employees and business partners working productively and doing business

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