Tech To U works with clients to design and implement a stable IT environment that ensures your employees do not experience downtime that kills productivity. We have adopted a “Stable IT Solution” philosophy to deploy versus the more common “break-fix” philosophy. Our process delivers consistent and proactive support that is better able to stop issues from becoming larger.


Break-Fix IT Philosophy

  • Frequent unplanned business disruptions
  • Negative business impacts
  • Frequent, expensive emergencies repairs
  • Not long-term fixes or improvements
  • Higher long-term costs

Tech To U    

Stable IT Solution Philosophy

  • Minimize business disruptions with proactive planned services
  • Minimize negative impacts with proactive monitoring
  • Minimize expensive emergency repairs
  • Long-term fixes and improvements
  • Lower long-term costs


Our network design activities range from basic network consults to detailed assessments for more in-depth planning. We work with all types of network equipment and software with in-depth expertise to setup, configure and upgrade:


While we’re experts and are great at “speaking geek” (we’ve written all kinds of Articles some of them technical in nature to show our mettle (check them out) we do a great job of communicating with people in plain English to help you make decisions. We want you to embrace technology, not be intimidated by it.




Essential Traits for
IT Support Success

Read about IT support best practices and use our 23 question checklist to assess if you’re getting the IT support levels you deserve.