The productivity of construction field workers at Remington Corporation was hampered by manual, paper-based processes required to complete and submit daily reports, timesheets and important safety documentation. This system led to data input errors and late reporting on hours worked by staff which increased administrative work and created risk of not complying with regulatory safety standards. Additionally, no central repository for documentation was available for easy document retrieval.


Tech To U created an easy to use intranet that centralized key documentation for Remington’s construction employees reducing administrative duties.Construction field workers could remotely access the intranet to submit and retrieve documentation. The system became a gateway for essential communication between administrators and field staff. Where possible, activities such as accident reporting and timesheet approvals were automated to improve productivity.


Remington has used the application for over five years significantly reducing late timesheet submissions and eliminating paper work. This has increased staff productivity and reduced administrative costs. Remington’s satisfaction with this software and Tech To U’s service levels led to requests from other departments to develop software.

After seeing this application and its benefits, Remington’s property management department contracted Tech To U to build an application to handle all service requests. This application automatically notifies contractors and property managers when a service request is submitted. The system also requests tenant feedback after a service request ensuring work is completed satisfactorily. All communication is logged for easy auditing if tenants or contractors initiate disputes.
The mechanical maintenance team also utilized the system to automate delivery of maintenance and inspection notices. This ensures adhering to maintenance routines that limit mechanical failures and most importantly keeps warranties valid to reduce long term maintenance costs.

Based on our company’s needs Tech To U developed an Intranet system that has become an integral part of our company’s operations. Tech To U continues to maintain, improve and support all aspects of the “Intranet software” with professionalism, and technical expertise.

-Dave McClung, Remington Development Corp

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