Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud infrastructure is a growing collection of complementary services in the cloud including computing, storage, data, networking and more. Microsoft Azure & Amazon Web Services are two popular cloud infrastructure services.

How can business owners benefit from these services?

  • Extend your current applications into the cloud or quickly launch new web-based applications including mobile apps
  • Build a virtual data center in the cloud so you reduce IT costs and build IT infrastructure quicker
  • If you have lots of data to store and/or computing processing requirements, leverage their massive data centers
  • Utilize cloud infrastructure to support backup and disaster recovery activities
  • Create geographic redundancy for business applications by replicating them in data centers across the globe so the perform well for users where they are working


Some benefits of using Azure include:

Microsoft Azure

  • Faster time to market because you don’t have to worry about underlying IT infrastructure, you build your applications on existing technology.
  • Reduce costs by paying for only those services/infrastructure you require. This reduces upfront costs to setup new infrastructure.
  • Increase the scalability of your business applications as your business and the number of users of your applications grows
  • Easily add computing and data storage capacity so performance of your applications is always smooth

As with any IT decision, an analysis of your situation is required to determine the pros and cons, and the cost/benefit of using cloud infrastructure services. Tech To U has in-depth expertise to help you investigate if cloud infrastructure makes sense for your business (this is not an all or none decision – hybrid solutions may be the way to go).

We don’t look at this decision in isolation, but consider your broader business and IT objectives and determine if and where Azure fits into your IT road map.


If leveraging Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure is right choice for you, Tech To U has in-depth expertise working with their services and we can work on the migration and implementation of the services for you and provide ongoing support thereafter.


Contact Us to learn more about Azure and if it makes sense for your business.

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