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Tech To U can modernize your company’s legacy software that is outdated and uses old code. It may be operating slowly, is too hard to expand with new features or is running on technology that is no longer supported and poses security or stability risks. Or you may simply be missing opportunities that are costing you money and putting you at a competitive disadvantage.


We can help you modernize your software in several ways:

  • Re-platforming – rebuild as a mobile app or optimize for different screen sizes or dual monitors to improve the user experience
  • Re-engineering – use cutting edge technology and new platforms to reduce maintenance costs
  • Re-hosting – optimize the hosting of your software with updated server interfaces to improve performance
  • Re-coding – remove unnecessary functions to improve quality and performance of your software systems
  • Update Security handling – using up to date encryption and security practices to secure your software
  • Integration – connect disparate software systems to improve workflow and productivity

Tech To U’s skilled team can work with third party software, custom software written by other vendors or in-house teams.


How We Get Started Working With You

  1. Understand which systems you are considering upgrading and why.
  2. Discuss whether it makes sense to modernize the application or build a new application from scratch.
  3. Scope the project and create a detailed project plan which includes strategies to minimize or eliminate downtime of systems during the project and future deployment.
  4. Develop a detailed estimate if you approve the plan.
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Contact Us below if you’re interested to learn how modernize your application to improve your business. We offer a complimentary consultation to understand your situation and develop detailed, custom quotes for the modernization projects.
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