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Alcro Electric Case Study



Alcro Electric was looking for software to streamline their business operations. Alcro’s processes required significant manual effort and repeated entries of data (in some cases, the same piece of information was entered five times in separate software systems throughout their workflow). Alcro began a search for a software program to automate their workflow. Several options were identified but similar issues existed with each option:

  • “Massive” Software: Alcro determined they might use 10% of features they would pay for from each software package.
  • Hard to Use: Due to the sheer size of the software programs, Alcro determined the cluttered interfaces would overwhelm staff, hinder adoption and curtail desired productivity gains.
  • Generic Software: Of the features that would be used, the functionality wouldn’t allow Alcro to work the way they wanted. They would have to adjust processes to conform with those provided by the software.
  • Costly: With ongoing annual licensing fees, Alcro determined it might be worth building a custom solution to save money over the long term.




Tech To U built a custom project management software system for Alcro Electric that integrated several aspects of their project management workflow:

  • Project costing and profitability to achieve competitive edge
  • Manages up to 50 employees on a project, their time on the job to correctly bill clients
  • Manage inventory/parts costs
  • Purchase orders (rapidly creates PO’s for each vendor being purchased from, as many as 500 items simultaneously)
  • Quoting to help understand costs throughout project phases, manpower requirements, profitability
  • Document management/controls
  • Employee time tracking for payroll including time and cost by role (apprentices, journeyman, master electrician)
  • Invoicing (based on project, phase of project, deposits, all tied back to specific projects to manage project profitability)
  • People/manpower management
  • Product inventory management to understand buying patterns and how to maximize rebates
  • Subcontractor management
  • Vendor management


Tech To U and Alcro engaged all staff to develop the software to ensure it helped employees work exactly the way they wanted, versus altering processes to align with how out of the box software worked.



  • Increased operational efficiency by 20%
  • Alcro saves between $80,000 – $100,000 annually by reducing staffing requirements as their team could process more work due to efficiency gains – yes, software automation allows you to do more with less staff!
  • The software eliminated rekeying in the same data multiple times
  • The software matched their desired workflow
  • Vendors now had a consistent process to submit invoices making it easier to conduct business

“The custom software program Tech To U built for us has made a significant impact on our business. Not only have we achieved costs savings of $80,000 – $100,000 each year, but there are many other significant benefits. Staff are happier in their roles because the software supports how they want to work instead of frustrating them and we’re just a much more efficient organization. Tech To U hosts our application and provides ongoing development support. These ongoing services is money well spent.”

– Voytek Lukasiewicz, President

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