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Remington Development Corporation was relying on a paper-based system for managing reports and Timesheets from their field construction workers. This process was slow and difficult to manage. It often resulted in several issues:

  • Increased administrative work, timesheet and other input errors due to delays in receiving paperwork
  • Delays in processing payroll
  • Compliance Issues regarding Safety Standards and Reporting
  • Lack of centralized document management
  • Time intensive for Office Staff to find documents and reports
  • Time intensive for Field Workers to complete and submit reports




Tech To U worked with key administrators at Remington Development and created an easy to use, custom software solution that replaced the paper based system. Tech To U identified processes that were bottle-necked and developed features in the software that allowed field users to:

  • Remotely access the intranet to submit and review documents while in the field
  • Submit Timesheets on time
  • Submit Safety Reports
  • Retrieve information from the office administrators

The software also addressed key issues with the paper-based system for the office administrators. Tech To U was able to identify areas that could be automated to improve productivity such as:

  • Timesheet approvals
  • Accident reporting
  • Safety reporting

The success of the software led to other departments requesting new features and more functionality such as:

  • Service Request Management
  • Centralized communication for Contractors and Property Managers
  • Notification System for maintenance and inspections
  • Feedback Management for Property Manager and Tenant




Remington Development has used the software for over ten years and it has become an integral part of their workflow for reducing administrative costs and improving productivity.

Remington has received considerable benefits from using the software:

  • Improved daily reports from the field
  • Better management with real time field data
  • Faster Payroll processing with electronic timesheet data
  • Immediate Accident and Safety reporting
  • Reduced response time to incidents
  • Reduced maintenance costs and savings on warranties
  • Increased satisfaction among Property Management Tenants

Remington Development continues to work with Tech To U for additional improvements and add new features.

“Based on our company’s needs Tech To U developed a custom software system that has become an integral part of our company’s operations. Tech To U continues to maintain, improve and support all aspects of the “Intranet software” with professionalism, and technical expertise. This software has allowed our company to identify areas that could be improved and as we added more features to the software, we were able to improve our services and grow as a company.”

-Dave McClung, Remington Development Corp

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