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Software as a Services (SaaS) is a software delivery model, usually over the web site whereby users subscribe to or license rights to access the online service. This SaaS model has been used for all types of business applications including accounting, customer relationship management, invoicing, human resources management and much more.If your company is currently running a traditional application that could be converted into a SaaS delivery model for customers or partners; you might wish to consult with Tech To U to understand the implications and possibilities to deliver the software this way.


Building and operating SaaS applications involve a more complex set of issues that must be addressed compared to business applications a company develops for itself including:

  • Multi-Tenant: Requirements to support multiple types of users such as administrators, users with full access, users with limited access increases software complexity. Development of administration panels, enhanced security features, permission management and other complex features are required.
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs):  SLAs must be put in place with users of the software to define the commitment by the vendor to its software users.
  • Hosting: Robust hosting solutions must be implemented to ensure maximum up-time to meet SLA commitments.
  • Support: As the number of the users on the system increase, volume of  support requests increases creating the need to build scalable support mechanisms and ticketing systems.
  • Engineering: Developing software that can easily scale to add new features, support increasing numbers of user and easily support the software is critical to long term success. Mistakes made early in the life of the software creates major headaches down the road.

SaaS custom software by Tech To U


Tech To U has successfully deployed SaaS solutions for clients.  We are able to apply this experience to your project to help you avoid the pitfalls of developing SaaS software and make your project a success.


Contact Us to learn more about how Tech To U can help you build and deploy robust and effective SaaS software your customers and partners will embrace.

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