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Eliminating Surprise IT Expenses

Surprise expense are the result of poor implementation of IT infrastructure and/or lack of planning for future expenditures.


Issues inevitably arise with technology on a day to day basis. These costs should be covered with a suitable and predictable monthly IT support retainer that is commensurate with the size of your company.


Costs for new servers, computers or network equipment can be anticipated when IT experts assess your situation, and layout a roadmap that includes:

  • Mapping out life-cycle of computers, servers and other equipment to understand when they should be upgraded or replace
  • Identify timing of new equipment purchases based on your business objectives and employee hiring plans
  • Understanding when new software upgrades, purchases or custom software development will be required to support your business


Tech To U is often called out to fix problems others cannot. We will take care of your immediate needs and provide IT Advice to help build a roadmap so you can properly plan and budget for your IT.


Our company has been willing to accept their proposals and invest in IT upgrades because they are transparent and honest. They provide fully written, detailed proposals and help us understand the implications of not moving forward with an initiative or upgrade. This collaborative approach and open communication is key. Ian Forbes, Controller – ARTE Group

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