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IT Support Best Practices

Creating a high performance IT support culture for your organization is a critical component of any business, large or small. Whether you hire in-house IT staff or utilize an outsourced IT services provider, there are key characteristics to look for in IT support resources.


We have developed a white paper that elaborates on 11 essential traits owners of small and mid-sized businesses (SMB’s) should evaluate in order to ensure the right IT resources are in place for their business.



11 Essential Traits to Evaluate:

  1. Experience with your technology environment.
  2. A breadth of skills and knowledge are required.
  3. Resources are doers and not just talkers.
  4. Resources need to be available, quick to respond and committed to resolve issues.
  5. Redundancy of resources.
  6. People skills are paramount.
  7. Systematic management of IT.
  8. Resources are consultative and “root cause” oriented.
  9. Automated backups and routines are put in place.
  10. Local resources matter.
  11. Resources are held accountable with established metrics.


Get more in depth with these traits by reading our whitepaper…


Tech-To-U Whitepaper IT Support Best Practices PDF Download

Download the full Whitepaper:
IT Support Best Practices