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Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Protect Your Business From Loss of Data, Server Applications and Even Entire Server Failure:

  • Managed Networks are the first line of defense, helping to prevent data loss or server failure in the first place.
  • Service and Support are your second line of defense, assisting you in fixing problems quickly to minimize impacts to your business.
  • Data Backup and Recovery options are your third line of defense so if problems occur, you can recover quickly and return to an acceptable state where your data was last saved and applications were functioning.

Tech To U offers a variety of Data Backup & Recovery packages that use these three strategies. Key variables which will impact the cost for your solutions include:

  • Frequency that data and applications are backed up
  • Speed you want to retrieve data and access applications in the case of failure
  • Where and how data is stored (on-site and/or offsite)
  • Are you renting backup equipment
  • Desired version control levels of documentation

Tech To U will work with you to identify the optimal backup and disaster recovery solution based on your unique needs and available budgets.


Contact Us to learn more about how we can help you protect your data and minimize disruption if disaster strikes.


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