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Building and maintaining an effective network requires a diverse range of knowledge and skills including:

While delivering IT services to small and mid-sized businesses since 1997, we constantly see companies expecting 1 or 2 IT employees or  a “single shingle” contractor to handle all IT needs. This resourcing approach is risky because:

  • The resource(s) cannot be accessible around the clock in the same way an IT provider, who employs multiple resources, can
  • One or two resources cannot possess the full range of knowledge required to properly design and maintain a company’s network

Tech To U can offer a fully outsourced solution to handle all your IT needs. With a 15 person team, we have the breadth of domain expertise to ensure work is done right and you receive timely responses when issues arise. And we offer this great value at a fair price.


If you’ve had the good fortune of hiring great resources in-house, they may require periodic support to handle spikes in support requests or to special projects where they lack expertise. We have a history of working well with in-house IT resources and tailor a service plan to complement your team as required.


Contact Us to discuss full services options or to add the bench strength to your current IT team.

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