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Securing your network and IT systems properly is not an option. Theft of trade secrets or customer data, crippling disruptions due to viruses and regulatory fines resulting from privacy breaches pose significant risks to your business.


Starting with a security assessment, Tech To U identifies the gap between the current state of your network with where you need to be to mitigate security risks. Security is addressed in three core areas:

We Secure Your Email By:

  • Eliminating vulnerabilities making you susceptible to viruses and malware
  • Implementing enterprise grade spam filters
  • Maintaining privacy with proper email security settings
  • Proper archiving for easy recovery of email as required

We Secure Your Network By:

  • Installing anti-virus software and firewalls
  • Installing around the clock remote monitoring solutions
  • Keeping all software and business applications updated
  • Identifying then retiring or updating equipment and technologies with known security holes
  • Teaching your staff best practices to avoid exposing you to security issues

We Keep Your Business Running If An Incident Occurs By:

  • Backing up all your files with offsite storage solutions or using “cloud services”
  • Backing up all your business applications and system settings
  • Ongoing monitoring and testing of backups
  • Implementing procedures and systems for a fast “reboot” of your network and business applications; and quick recovery of all files
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery services

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Tech To U offers a complimentary security scan to get you started on your path to securing your company’s IT. Contact Us to get started.

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