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Are you trying to get a handle on the costs for all those mobile devices used by your employees? Do you want to ease the burden on your company to manage all your devices? And do you want to allow your staff to use their personal devices for work purposes also without compromising security of your network and integrity of your data?


Tech To U has introduced a comprehensive Mobile Device Management (MDM) service to help you address these issues. We provide end-to-end, “Over The Air” (OTA) management for all your mobile devices including iPhones, iPads, Androids, Windows Phones and Blackberry smartphones. OTA management allows efficient oversight of your devices by enabling distribution of software updates, data and configuration settings from one central location to all devices used by your staff. Changes take effect immediately and staff cannot change or refuse these updates.


Depending on the number of devices you need managed, Tech To U utilizes either proven cloud-based or locally hosted technology to easily enroll all your mobile devices under a management plan that can quickly scale as you add devices.


And we work with you to separate personal and company data on your devices (both company and staff owned) while maintaining full control of corporate polices and device configurations.


Device Management

  • Seamless Integration with your existing email platform (Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Office 365)
  • Provision and manage corporate and employee-owned devices over the air
  • Includes core MDM features for enrollment, configuration, security policy management, and device actions such as send message, locate, lock and remote wipe in case devices are lost or stolen
  • Prevent employees from altering settings and creating security issues by detecting jail broken and rooted devices
  • Geo-fencing rules allow you to restrict phone and data usage when employees leave designated geographic areas

We Secure Your Network By

  • Installing anti-virus software and firewalls
  • Installing around the clock remote monitoring solutions
  • Keeping all software and business applications updated
  • Identifying then retiring or updating equipment and technologies with known security holes
  • Teaching your staff best practices to avoid exposing you to security issues

Application & Data Management

  • Manage over-the-air configuration of email, calendar, contacts Wi-Fi and VPN profiles
  • Distribute and manage company approved applications
  • Integrates with Apple App Store, Google Play, Amazon Appstore, and Windows Phone Store to manage publicly available apps over the air
  • Selectively wipe corporate data leaving personal data intact
  • Decommission devices by removing company data

Expense Management

  • Detailed hardware and software inventory reports
  • Custom reports for inventory management and cost analysis across wireless devices to optimize plans and flag poor usage habits by staff to reduce costs
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